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Friday, February 21, 2014

Toho Posts Godzilla Trailers On There Official YouTube Channel

Toho has official YouTube channel here and has posted trailers for the Showa series Godzilla films and plans to post Heisei and Millennium series trailers as well. While you can find a lot of these trailers YouTube they are here all in one place. You can also check out many other Toho projects on the page as well. Below is the translated post from Godzilla.jp.

To celebrate latest work 7/25 (gold) and the long-awaited "GODZILLA" published 60th anniversary of the birth of "Godzilla Year", will publish the trailer of the series all 28 work! Published once today "Return of Mecha Godzilla", "Godzilla" (1954) to work up to 15 (1975) as a first step. 2nd coming soon seven works "Godzilla" (1984) through "Godzilla VS Destoroyah". "- Millennium - Godzilla 2000" (1999) - "Godzilla Final Wars" to (2004) further work is also 6 will be released as the third series! Please enjoy the trailer for all 28 works. In "Godzilla Year" the transition of Godzilla spanning 50 years in preparation, should be warming up in this trailer collection! Check Works page now!  ※ 2 work "Monster Great War" and "Monsters All advance" is the trailer at the time of renamed and re-screening.

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