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Friday, February 28, 2014

20 Minutes Of Godzilla Preview By Gareth Edwards In Germany

From MoviePilot

"Why Hamburg?", You want to probably know. This was not about a pure marketing idea, but was at the request of the director himself there instead. Gareth Edwards' debut Monsters celebrated in 2010 at the Fantasy Filmfest in Hamburg its premiere, which is why he chose for nostalgic reasons, the Hanseatic city to a world exclusive there a selected audience about 20 minutes from his version of Godzilla to show up. And we were there!

Before the first two scenes of Godzilla remakes were shown, said a visibly nervous, small and very likeable Briton front of the screen to us. Gareth Edwards told us, as well as in the subsequent scenes where we find ourselves in the story of the film and why the Featured happened. With the repeated emphasis that these scenes were previously shown anybody yet and we really should ignore one or the other not finished part, such as raw CGI effects or the non-final soundtrack ...

Possible Spoilers

But now close to the scenes: We are in a nuclear power plant in Tokyo, where apparently something goes wrong. The senior nuclear physicist Joe Brody ( Bryan Cranston though) can prevent the worst, but it has to plug a huge personal low blow. 15 years later we find ourselves in this power plant again. This time is Daisuke Serizawa ( Ken Watanabe ), the senior physicist and Brody is instead in an interrogation room where he accused all employees of the power plant, and especially the government of wanting to cover something up. Because the reason for the former incident was not an earthquake, but something much worse and man created thing and it comes back. He also wanted his son, Ford Brody ( Aaron Taylor-Johnson ) have again. In these short scenes, especially Cranston was able to convince emotionally.

For the rest of the article please head over to MoviePilot here, thanks.

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