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Friday, February 14, 2014

Godzilla Double Features To Be Shown On Japan TV

While it is a little hard to make out the translation, again I don't speak Japanese, it seems they will be showing 30 of the Godzilla movies in HD which will start on March 5th and continue each month after. If go to the website below there is a brief snippet, clicking the link in it takes you to a listing of the films and info on each of the films. Below that is the Facebook post from the Godzilla page there in English and Japanese

2014, the 60th anniversary of "Godzilla" birth
And to celebrate the public 25 days new movie "GODZILLA" July
In Japan, professional movie channel, Implementation of "Godzilla" all-out feature!

The air in the double feature from 21:00 on the day 5 arrives every month!
Campaign that "Godzilla" goods also hit enforcement!
Short deadlines! (Up to 2/16)

Up Click here for details
→ Japan movie channel dedicated to




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