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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Possible Leaked Clips For Godzilla 2014

Two clips claimed to be from the upcoming second trailer for the new Godzilla film have surfaced. Both clips are short with Godzilla in a smokey haze much like we have seen before in the previous trailers. We are not posting them unfortunately for two reasons the source is not reputable and Warner Bros and Legendary will most likely have them removed, sorry. Hopefully we will get the official second trailer on February 14 as rumored.

Update note: As stated the site that posted the clips was required to remove them and they have as backed off on some of what they said including saying "we would NOT leak a full trailer online before it's ready for release". If they were to release the trailer before it is supposed to be released it is my belief they may get in serious trouble, do to there continuing attempts to try to mislead and undermine Warner Bros and Legendary's regular promotional process. Fan works and speculation based on facts are fine but misleading or stating outright lies do nothing but hurt the film and the fans. 
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