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Saturday, February 1, 2014

CREATURE FEATURE : Togera From War of the Monsters

Togera is a gargantuan dinosaur said to be the last of his kind that survived extinction by hibernating beneath the ocean.

Spending untold centuries in hibernation at the bottom of the Pacific ocean, Togera was awoken by leaking fuel from one of the disabled UFOs which sunk to the depths, in the proximity of the slumbering beast.
Togera is believed to be a descendant of the gigantic dinosaurs that once roamed the earth millions of years ago. Now it is possibly the last of it's species. Survival drives it to fight savagely-morphing it's body to protrude deadly "bone" spikes and spitting deadly streams of energy. - Game booklet

Togera - Scaly horror from the deep. Togera has our fav special: Glowing plasma-nuclear breath. He's got average speed and strength, but has some nice guard breaks.
- PSM #68, 2/03

"Togera is our reptilian sea monster," Giam smiles. "He's a spiny gargantuan awakened from his long dormancy by nuclear bomb. We went through several disparate sea-creature designs during the course of the game, (one of which ended up as a skin for another, guess which one!), but in the end, the best result we got was the result of Koji Saito of SCEI. He and the others at SCEI gave us great feedback on the game and monster design, and it was from some of his people's excellent concept art that Togera was born."
- Official U.S. Playstation Magazine, Issue #64 1/03

Togera's Long Range attack is radioactive breath that reaches a medium distance and does average damage, his armor is average and his projectiles fire at a medium rate, dealing medium damage.
He is a medium-jumper and climbs at a medium pace.
His taunt is a roar followed by a flex and popping of his bone spikes.

Basic Combos
Chomp-Chomp: H-H-L-UL-UL-H-H
Triple Tail: L-L-UH-H-H

Togera skins
TojoroAdded by Tojoro
Skin 1: Green from Stage 2/ Gambler's Gulch (Default).
Skin 2: Purple/Green (Free)
Skin 3: Mecha Togera (30,000)
Skin 4: Demon Togera (60,000)

Togera is an obvious tribute to Godzilla of Toho Films fame, as well as the British film Gorgo (1961).
Togera's second costume could be based off Super Godzilla.
To support this, Togera's 4th costume could be based of Bagan (particularly the horns). This could be mear coincidence.
Togera's third costume is most likely based on Mechagodzilla.
His original design had fins and he had a more amphibian look, which was originally one of Togera's earlier skins. It was scrapped, but was used as a skin for Kineticlops' 4th skin.
Togera, as well as Zorgulon and Raptros , is the only monster who does not appear in the behind-the-scenes featurette of War of the Monster's development.
Togera (as well as Goliath-Prime, Raptros, Vegon, Robo-47, Magmo, Zorgulon and Cerebulon) are the only monsters which appeared the least in artwork and promotional material).
In the opening cutscene of War of the Monsters, Togera has webbed hands. However, in game he does not have webbed hands or even webbed feet. This contradicts the idea that he is an aquatic monster. This is likely due to the PS2 can't render small objects.
In one of his victory animations, Togera is celebrating his triumph - until he catches sight of his tail. He will then procede to chase it around in circles.

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