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Saturday, February 8, 2014


Zigra is an alien monster and the main antagonist in Gamera vs Zigra, the seventh Gamera film. Zigra is a deadly opponent whose appearance is similar to that of a Goblin Shark, possessing a silvery gray, armor-plated hide, a pointed nose, a row of sharp fins on his back, as well as sharp pectoral fins.

Zigra invaded earth with the intention of enslaving the human race and raising them like cattle - he came from a planet where instead of people eating fish, fish eat people (thus making the film the first known Japanese instance of the Russian reversal). Like Viras attempted three films earlier, Zigra held a pair of human children hostage in order to force the human race to conform to his plan, but Gamera engaged him in battle. Gamera eventually threw him on land, using a rock to play his theme song on Zigra's dorsal fins like a xylophone before burning the huge Alien shark alive, incincerating and killing Zigra.

In the film Gamera: Super Monster, Zigra fought with Gamera again in one of the many stock footage scenes. When Gamera hits his back with the rock, his theme song is not played, and is instead replaced by a new, simple new tune.

Zigra's attacks are all based around his blades on his back, head and, fins. His great speed and agility allows him to easily doge Gameras attacks and out monover him. But Zigra's weakness is that he is helpless outside of water. Zigra can also shoot a beam of light from the gem between his nose that paralayses an opponent.

Other Appearances
Like many of his fellow Showa monsters, Zigra has not made a film appearance outside his initial debut, (except for the obvious stock footage scenes). However, he made an appearance in the Gamera comic series by Dark Horse Comics, that was based on the Heisei Gamera series. In the story, Zigra was an escaped alien creature from outer space, who managed to find his way onto Earth. He'd eventually meet up and face Gamera, who made relatively short work of him. In this series, he was pretty much unchanged, except for the fact he was more of a wild animal, and was more aquatic-based.

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