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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Some Possible New Details Of Toys For Godzilla 2014

First I'll say not sure how accurate this is but the blog Idle Hands posted an article that gives info on some of the Godzilla toys including details pertaining to the Mutos. A Thorsten Wedel was at the Nuremberg Toy Fair below are some of those details.
Three items were on display but seemed still in the prototype stages as most were grey in color. The three items were:
Godzilla Chibis 
Godzilla Destruction Pack with Winged MUTO Monster - Includes: 1 figure, 1 destructible building, 1 military aircraft 
Godzilla Deluxe Attack and Roar Figure - With collector level detailing this large scale figure brings Godzilla to life as he blasts his powerful atomic breath and lets out his iconic trademarked roar.   
Thorsten was not impressed. He initially describes the Destruction Pack as having "a little fat dino..but it looks like there is Mothra in the movie too." Actually his initial statement was "Terrible." He used the phrase "cheap plastic" many times.
Viewed were some bridges, skyscrapers and houses "with parts to destroy". 
The "Winged MUTO Monster is described as having two legs and wings. Looks a bit like a moth. The head in particular was somewhere between a moth and a fly in appearance. The creature had claws like the classic Godzilla monster Gigan (meaning hooks).
Thorsten could not give much more detail as the monster pieces were very small, in the 3 to 3.5 inch range. (Estimated) 
Compared to this small size, I suppose the Deluxe Attack and Roar Godzilla WOULD come off as "large scale". We are told this figure is 7 inches tops, but definitely no bigger.
Deluxe Godzilla's action feature is a blue flame effect that pops out of his mouth and lights up. This figure also roars. I asked if it made the classic sound to see if they just had a place holder sound effect in the toy and was told this was the new roar.
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