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Friday, February 21, 2014

Interview With Toho Movie President/Producer Mr. Shogo Tomiyama

From the official Japanese Godzilla page (translated by google),

- Could you tell us about the experience of the original "Godzilla". Shogo Tomiyama (hereinafter, Toyama) at the time of the fourth grade was seen in the very first, "King Kong vs. Godzilla". I watched while thrills and spills with the feeling Tteyuu there is nothing funny any more in CinemaScope color. There is also humor in the confrontation scene with King Kong, it was kickass. Gorgeous epic of the 30th anniversary of founding the Toho "Kingoji". It was a luxury first contact the charm of Godzilla and fun as the movie was jam-packed full. 's Remembered as the movie that I saw for the first time in "Japan Birthday", following the "Great War". For the first time, I went to see the "Matango" with friends in the summer of elementary school five years watching a special effects movie of Toho by being taken to the family. Because was a child likes science fiction, and was able to meet special effects and Toho Godzilla was happy. - The Godzilla movie, did you are what people relate? Toyama as an assistant Tanaka Tomoyuki producer, I started (the Director) and Kazuki Omori's the development of the screenplay of "Godzilla VS Biollante" from 1986 is at the start, from that of 2004 to "Godzilla Final Wars", twelve I was planning to do a production of Godzilla series. I to have been appointed assistant Tanaka producer, is said to be the script developed by young people to each other and Omori's of the same generation. Aimed at revival of scary Godzilla, "84 Godzilla" is a high degree of perfection as well as suspense while is a heavy political drama, but Tanaka of "84 Godzilla" after that do want to create a Godzilla movie entertainment is highly speedy more policy of the producer, I am flow (feat Director) was able to go three people and Koichi Kawakita's and Omori's by replacing the staff. - Is involved the more concrete? Toyama as a human being in a position that you have been how to make that divided the special effects and the main part from Honda and Tsuburaya era, to see the whole while following the way, and that Godzilla film preparation and shooting by creating a script for the first time from the stage of planning · It is the job of the producer's that bring to completion. It went decided while consulting by feeding back to Toho headquarters Whether you what kind of content in a single book. I thing there is no fly well enough I make a Godzilla movie every year (laughs). In the flow, it's going to decide out a policy it was very pretty. At the same It was our goal that as a human being of Toho movie which is produced production, to protect the quality of work and budget and schedule with a completion guarantee. - For events in which to make a Godzilla movie, are memorable? Toyama was doing long Nde I have a lot, but I had been so screening always as an invited work of the Tokyo International Film Festival VS Godzilla era of the 90's after all, and I mean make do with it It was a very no Totetsu. Was it hard how all the staff there also in the era of synthetic cut was more and more, and it was doing in the Godzilla movie ahead of digitization, it's Tteyuu to meet the film festival! At the time, there is a film festival in October from the end of September, first-run is a long way. Then the reason that the middle of finishing film festival in. Because it is such a situation, to say in this, Film Festival was doing every time that it is called again as a theatrical release later this finish once cut. The call me Maru Festival it with a round in Chinese characters enshrines the film festival the cut. Unlike today, since the period that was a synthetic cut making in a manner that must be redone from the negative each time, it does not become the wind Teiu Ii~tsu data has been saved, if we brush up it. There is also dozens cut that kind Maru Festival, and to complete the film festival version for the time being, it would not so that you do from scratch next. Finish the staff was really hard. - Moreover, the period is shorter even propaganda, is not it pretty tight? Toyama But you know, and not be screened at the rear with the trailer for next year when they premiere. Audience also bord and dot it in store you are known. Thus there is a flow Firefox 3.0 start climax toward the next Godzilla. I think it was a time when Tora-san and Godzilla did real good after all the 1990s. - In the course of making Films every year, the timing of the planning and development of Godzilla work next? The Toyama I'm a time to time we become finish to crank up, you're doing such as circle festival I said to begin the development of planning and the next story. To explain the large flow from the "Biollante" to "Final Wars", and story to the "Biollante" if there is a "Godzilla 84", began the confrontation in the original mono monster. I aimed at the entertainment speedy Omori's as a touch of the movie. There was considerable part to go happy with the producer Tomoyuki Tanaka basis, but the box office was unsatisfactory growth is one more "Biollante". But distribution side and the upper part of the head office so I decided early that it should not unless you stick to this, So What and should continue. It becomes the idea of this put out by one body with decided to go with confrontation things first, because of there are monsters who are attractive only this, are you going to do to the first player what? With. It would be King Ghidorah. So how do you go about the contents of King Ghidorah. It is a space monster In terms of
the old days, but it's Tteyuu or change in what kind of situation in modern definitions it can be decided to let me done in the way of me, went into the screenplay making and consultation with Omori's. Also have determined that it is decided to go with the confrontation thing, and that getting to watch a family, King Ghidorah the first player, the next Mothra, the next order of Mecha Godzilla monster. You are at the theater the popular vote Nde decided comparatively smoothly. I made ​​plans to another goal is able to see Tri-Star version of Godzilla Tteyuu is made ​​in Hollywood in the flow of this year, ending once in the "VS Mecha Godzilla". In, and I Let out to radon in the "VS Mecha Godzilla" If in the next year of Tri-Star version. And so decided I wanted renewed character all, Well then what to talk? When you saying, Mr. Mimura screenplay me out the idea of <brood parasitism>. So I was good "VS Mecha Godzilla", but Tri-Star version of Godzilla does not advance this time. It was decided that to do so two after in the end. 2 required even after we know in preparation for "VS Space Godzilla" is that, following the next and be the last. "So VS Space Godzilla" was free in many ways, an interlude song, a fun filmmaking. And let me sandwiched between one kind of work, the measure reached the "VS Destoroyah" through the space Godzilla in you have used up all the character basis. And finally, Tri-Star Godzilla has been released finally. Tri-Star version is interesting as a film, but that it would do what about Godzilla as voice was strong. From the standpoint of the producer, I felt anxiety and have not made ​​the Godzilla in this state, the character that would be transmitted to the world in you might say I like that No good at Godzilla. So, the real Godzilla is this! I thought that it that we should give early things that, and let me prepare immediately. Became so in conclusion Tteyuu Let's make as soon as possible as Toho whole, it is that made ​​immediately the "Millennium". Sometimes Pokemon appeared as anime in the late 1990s, from the movie to watch in the family, this time Godzilla began to genre movies of people like children like the Godzilla, the special effects are seen. I've been feeling Tri-Star version was selling as adult films is the Tteyuu sign to go to genre movie of this, and signs so had not been fostering Japanese children Tteyuu watch it. Godzilla's a thing of the adult, on the one hand for children, and I mean becoming the wind Tteyuu things that those who like to watch on the one hand and I thought I would be unavoidable. At the same It's starting up once again, then interrupt the ones that have continued to be very difficult, the "Millennium" and later, we combed or with the help of Hamtaro in the double feature after all. If the get to not made ​​one by one in the setting and staff separate Godzilla, including story and staff with a focus on supervision, it was thought as a producer the time of the millennium, toward the future the possibility of Godzilla It was that I want to challenge maximum Te. I was aware early on this.
One is that you get to do a director Shusuke Kaneko's. There was of course the expectations of Godzilla fans what Firefox 3.0 not prearranged supervision to Mr. Kaneko, and I thought it was best at this timing, I also get's doing. At the same time doing in Shaku-kun and Tanaka Misato-kun <heroine fighting> the fans rejoice, the end of Kitamura's "Final Wars". Give all what character it, this is a battle that all cut, and I was Tsuppashi~tsu far Tteyuu no more. In, in the next generation, and I thought I baton, in the hope to talent and timing to make a Godzilla movie after. - Please tell us about what is produced Godzilla movie, it was the most important thing. Toyama Godzilla different from the monster movies of Hollywood.
Message of the first film, the theme is great to say the least! I think that's the theme and was something that was common in the minds of Akira Ifukube's music and Tomoyuki Tanaka producer, and director Eiji Tsuburaya feats creator of Godzilla four, and Honda InoShiro director. It's wake-up call for the threat of nuclear and anti-war peace. I was thinking about, what makes it has inherited much of this I think whenever you are planning a new product. This'm teaching producer Tomoyuki Tanaka, but "navel of the movie should not be too visible" and metaphorically to the navel theme. I think it's going Tteyuu whether expressed as entertainment how the navel, and it is most important when making a Godzilla after all. It's the nucleus important to -28 of his to be consistent. Toyama people Tteyuu Tomoyuki Tanaka producer in great people, extremely tenacious, and people opinions of their firm. As a matter of what I was taught, producer and Keep your mouth thinking of the movie at any time at any time. The I Think also during meals, even if they go to the bathroom, even if asleep at night! I was glad to have had hear directly from Mr. Tomoyuki. At the time, he had been changed to chairman from president of Toho movie, but it is it not come to the company every day, I or go to consultation script in your home has been or went to report a variety because it is advanced age were. So was the greatest pleasure to see location shoots to come to the studio once in a while as chairman. Because not us have the creator of Godzilla also we, get to answer when this is to say. To say, for example, I do want to kill Godzilla at the time of the "VS Destoroyah" is also, you can go to listen directly to me "? Sure you want to kill Godzilla" Tanaka chairman. Then the reason I say "alright" unceremoniously unexpectedly. However, "It'll have me to lead to later I hope." - So Godzilla Jr.? Toyama likely. Serif of Shimura Takashi in the Godzilla first film, "that Godzilla is not think of the last one animal." Is there. The'm consistent, and things to do. white writers, white coach, the white staff, and that the size of the potential Godzilla itself have is, or spread the image imagination that has a lid or start moving, there is no flying usually in that there are Godzilla , daring with which becomes there anything short. That's why I think Godzilla I will live as a new movie in the future. At the same It's not me some fun of the movie, you have forgotten the story but it is I, remember that only one cut. Only the most amazing will remain in our hearts. I think the one cut Tteyuu such is the charm of Godzilla's movie. So, for example, "Pacific Rim". It was a fun movie, but I'm not making the field to show in the fix in one cut a monster. There just thought it was a bad-. I do not I make a scene to turn off the (Mie) Mitoku the monster after all. - Please tell us the story of the monster favorite. Toyama case of Godzilla, Godzilla his second and later were made ​​as important movie star, respectively. I think that is because it is cast as the leading role, and there's Tteyuu good Godzilla movie, respectively. But probably one of his after all. Horror born out of nothing. The strength of one cut after all otherwise. It is predicted monster that destroyed Venus is coming, the silhouette of the light Tteyuu Meramera Meramera of gold appeared in the sky, King Ghidorah appearance! And probably not any more! Huh SF. I felt a terrible sense of wonder. So boys, huh King Ghidorah love after all. - Please tell us about the work Godzilla favorite movie, Gotta. Toyama have a bit of trouble this (laughs). Movie which I made ​​together with everyone, is not afford to compare a good place, respectively, because there is a place you like. However, the first film is special in any way. When it is then, I saw the first still of the "King Kong vs. Godzilla" is as strong impression. It 's was a really entertaining movie itself. The Tteyuu brought laughter to Godzilla movie (screenplay) Sekizawa-san pulled out in the script a sense of humor to have (actor) of Arishima Ichiro, also a large lot, and I'm there all the fun of the movie, in that. - And a tribute to the original also contain. Toyama likely. That itself, because mean that pulled in from the United States, a star I brought the King Kong. I'm a tremendous luxury story. Because a translation is negotiating Tomoyuki Tanaka Purodeyusa is visit the United States and properly even there. I think that's was strong, "VS Destoroyah". We must Owarase properly in order to pass the torch to Tri-Star version. As it's a cover, the end of the story of Godzilla, Godzilla first film did with the intention of making the back cover. So it was made ​​to appear the Oxygen Destroyer, and I had come out (the first installment of "Godzilla" appearance) in Kawachi Momoko. It was a movie that I packed plenty of thought. And Kobe earthquake happened at the exact moment Mr. Omori is writing a screenplay in your own home (Hyogo) at that time. but was not so big disaster in which at that time, we know. Such as highway collapsed, seems like monster movie, and it was to be Kangaekomi wonder good to make a Godzilla movie towards the end of the year it is. Do you write the screenplay of the movie Godzilla as a person affected by the disaster himself Omori's? What do you think? There was also hesitation that. It after having received the opinions and feelings of a lot of people, including those thought, I thought let's make after all. There are many all over Japan who is willing to wait for Godzilla to the New Year, and was thinking what to talk about part of the navel Godzilla have is that perhaps there even after the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake. Nuclear power plant also come out in the pages of which I made ​​in fact, and meltdown also come out. What will overlap with the earthquake of 2011 the following accidentally came out of Godzilla. I think to a story that close once the story of Godzilla make weight and in the mind that made ​​it beyond the Earthquake "VS Destoroyah", the back cover for the first film is put together, and was in the movie a very I think. - Death of Godzilla has left an impression in the very Destoroyah. Toyama idea itself of Godzilla, nuclear is out of control in the body's suspense of a close call, and I is transmitted as soon as the last premonition that would end in tragedy saw the beginning of Burning Godzilla. Was said I will make a full CG meltdown of Godzilla and a Mr. Kawakita, Godzilla that I thought I Kawakita's truly after all in a poetry and tragedy highly. Without that voice and depiction, fade away in the Oxygen Destroyer when the Godzilla of one of his dying. You've probably overlap with superb. - Please tell us about the person of the actor that is impressive. Toyama I think the two scientists of Akihiko Hirata and Mr. Takashi Shimura's first film, Godzilla movie itself is being portrayed. What I would growled again I would do great first work. At the same I feel the freshness of the movie itself to Kawachi Momoko and innocent Takarada Akira young. Main staff because they are encased in Naruse set, that soothing rays of the setting sun that plugs into the indoor scene with the advent of two people. It is like watching a masterpiece. That it had appeared in each of the two of you was a great pleasure. Godzilla movie Kedomo I need a hero, heroine every time, that who Tteyuu or me appeared as heroine is large. Because it had been said to be from the person Tanaka Sue-chan (Tanaka Yoshiko) from Tteyuu's Mothra favorite time of Biollante, Well then went out first in the "Biollante", I had appeared. It was very thankful. 's Me stomach actor's Tteyuu Godzilla enthusiast even as an adult, but I pretty girls. I think that was me out through the VS series character named Miki Saegusa in Odaka Emi-chan at the same time also, it was very valuable in the sense that it was made ​​to appear a woman Godzilla movie. After Sano quantum's "VS Mecha Godzilla". Her I was married to Mr. Yutaka Take and retired after the "VS Mecha Godzilla". Because it is a horse racing fan you are watching a horse race all the way since I was in high school, I want to introduce to Yutaka-san! I want you to call the wedding! Such (laughs). And I did not say figure and young, far indeed. But get New Year's card still, and you are grinning at one New Year's card is because of New Year's card in the private office of Takeshi. He will be glad you came When I ask the stars and Yuriko's, Mizuno Kumi's after. Was able out to Mr. Yoshio Tsuchiya, and was able to come out to Kenji Sahara. It 's is that it' s such a great after all I Godzilla. - Your two-way son of Tadao Takashima's starring in "King Kong vs. Godzilla" also we'll also answer the Heisei version. Toyama Biollante is the debut of the entertainment world and the silver screen is Masanobu kun. Masahiro kun also debuted in the role opposite Saito Yuki-chan I have made ​​in the "Tot channel", Godzilla also I had come out firmly in that sense. I had to come out even Tadao Takashima's father. White to Mitamura Kunihiko's really the actor, I also Minegishi Toru what it. It's for someone who appeared to like everyone, Nagashima Toshiyuki-san's right to it. I thought Emoto Akira also like Godzilla, I have only Emoto's Hero of Kashiwabara screenplay of "Space Godzilla". And Akira's one other person, Nakao Akira-san kindly appeared laughing smile. Actors will be for us to enjoy so much, I say many times, but I'm in a terrible Godzilla. Part or more
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