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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

NECA Godzilla '85 Delayed

Word has come out that NECA's Godzilla 1985 (originally titled The Return of Godzilla) figure has been delayed, comic book shops have been asked to change there orders based on this info by Diamond. The figure was supposed to be released along with a Godzilla '94 figure which now will be released solo, there was talk that they were going to be released individual and as a two pack. I have reached out to both Diamond and NECA for a reason why, at this time there was no response.

Update from NECA via Twitter "No it's shipping later. Decided to do solids not assorted." My apologies to the fans.

Update number two, email response from NECA "I am happy to clear up some confusion about the 1985 Godzilla figure! It definitely has not been cancelled.

Originally, both 1994 and 1985 figures were going to be available to retailers at the same time as an assortment. Since approvals on the 1985 figure are taking a little longer than expected, we decided to split it off from the 1994 figure so as not to hold up the 94's release. The 1985 figure will be offered to retailers once approvals are done." 

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