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Godmera COTW

GODMERA: Champion of the World
By Michael Farrah
The beginning...
This is the story of how two of the greatest monsters ever became something even greater. As many may know there is the Godzilla universe and the Gamera universe, "parallel" universes so to speak. In both universes the government of Japan wanted the self defense force (military) to finally get rid of the constant threat of the monsters, they in turn enlisted the help of the greatest scientists to develop a weapon that would stop the monsters once and for all. After many failed attempts one had a hope of promise, a weapon that would open a portal to another dimension. Most of the scientists felt it was a bad idea and didn't like it, fearing it could be used for the wrong purpose and wondering if it would even work, but the self defense force didn't care they just press them on wanting to be rid of the monsters and all the death and destruction they caused. A select group of scientists created the weapon, when activated will open the portal, where to is not known. The self defense force set up a plan to activate it in a remote area of Japan after luring the monsters there. As it turns out both of the self defense forces from each universe plan to and do this in the same place at the same time. They both at first think it is working since something seems to be happening but it stops and appears to have failed. They decided to try to figure out what went wrong and try again. What they don't realize is the weapons canceled each other out at first, this is why it appeared to fail, but then there is a unknown side effect it opens a portal between the two universes. At first minor problems occur, small objects from one universe end up in the other and vice-a-versa, then people, and then larger things. At first the self defense forces and the governments claim everything is fine but the scientists that didn't want to use the weapon start going to the public with the fact that this is being caused by the use of the weapon. The governments want the self defense forces to fix the problem, feeling they caused it by pushing for the use of the weapon to begin with, so they turn to the scientists that were against it's use. Things continue to go down hill, the monsters start showing up in the other universes, making the original issue of wanting to get rid of the monsters even worse, the universes continue to get more "mixed", and people are even more confused as to what is happening. But those problems are nothing compared to what happens next, something happens that no one foreseen, the universes merge into one. No Godzilla: King of the Monsters, no Gamera: Guardian of the Universe instead there is Godmera: Champion of the World. But it is not alone, King Gaos, Angruagon, Viran and other monsters are there as well. Not alone have the monsters merged so have the people and with this they have the knowledge from both universes. With this knowledge they manage to create another weapon, which they believe will reverse what has happened. They feverishly work on it and set it off in the same place where the original weapon was used, at first nothing seems to happen but then something does, a "wave" spreads out and in it's wake everything seems to go back to normal again. But is it, unbeknown to those in each restored universe is the fact that the Godmera universe, and all that it is, remains and will for a long time, and it's story has only just begun...

Godzilla is a registered trademark of Toho Co., Ltd, Gamera is a registered trademark of Kadokawa Pictures, no rights are implied to these characters by me and are used solely for this story.
Godmera: Champion of the World created by Michael Farrah.
 © 1996, 2011 Michael Farrah/Godmera's Fandom, All Rights Reserved
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