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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Kaiju Battle Review: Pacific Rim Trespasser Figure

Trespasser one of the many kaiju of Pacific Rim and one of the first to appear in the film, attacking San Francisco as well as other cities. Now it is an awesome figure Trespasser is bigger then the two previous kaiju released by NECA like Leatherback released in wave 2 Trespasser has quite a few points of articulation and plenty of detail. Trespasser is very similar to Knifehead in style with two large arms and two smaller arms but both are articulated unlike wave 1 Knifehead in which the smaller ones were not (wave 3 Knifehead is different which we review in the near future), they also share a similar color scheme. The figure looks great but there is one thing that I was not crazy about which was the tail that is curved, due to the packaging, and is hard to move to a different position. The figure has a solid feel and is easy to pose overall joints are all firm but not to hard to adjust into different poses. The paint job on it is very good with one exception there are a few mistakes on one side of the figure's abdomen it is not horrible but it is slightly noticeable. Overall it is an great figure slightly better then Leatherback in my opinion, which is a great figure as well. This figure is part of wave 3 which includes Battle Damaged Knifehead, Cherno Alpha, and Coyote Tango, although the kaiju are definitely my favorites.

Trespasser And Leatherback

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