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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Jim Beards Opening To His Story In BETRAYAL ON MONSTER EARTH

From Jim Beard

Here's the opening of my story "Big Juju," which launches BETRAYAL ON MONSTER EARTH, the second volume of Mechanoid Press' giant monster saga, Monster Earth.
He hit the treeline a clear two seconds before the immense ball of snapping, spitting, scratching, howling scales and hair. A half-moment later and he’d have been grafted onto the jungle, permanently.
Listner flung himself into some short growth at the edge of the clearing, then dared to look back over his shoulder. He didn’t regret it; the scene before him was one for the ages.
The Son of Johnson ended up on top, pulling apart from his adversary just enough to get his long, furry arms in front of him and grappling for its slavering jaws. Trees snapped and broke around the combatants, falling like blades of grass before a scythe. Soil and plant matter erupted around the melee. Birds flew away like puffs of brightly-colored streamers.
Listner had problems with the scale. He knew SoJo was eighty meters, his dancing partner at least that tall, but from his vantage point, the two creatures seemed man-sized. He wondered at the strange phenomenon, but the screams of the fighters drowned out his thoughts and he scrabbled to his feet, ready to give them more room.
Unagi’s short forearms were nearly useless, unable to reach the hairy beast bent over it unless it moved in close. SoJo, wary of the massive jaws lined with spear-like teeth snap-snap-snapping at him, swung his fists at the reptile’s relatively-soft underbelly. The blows echoed through the jungle clearing like native drums.
Then, Unagi wrangled its muscular tail to wrap around one of SoJo’s legs and the jig was up. In the blink of an eye, the huge reptile got its feet on the hairy monster’s own midsection and pushed.
Listner ran like the Devil himself was after him.

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