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Monday, March 10, 2014

Kaiju Battle Review : Pacific Rim Series 3 Knifehead, Cherno Alpha, And Coyote Tango

We reviewed the Pacific Rim Trespasser figure from NECA a few days ago now here is the rest of series 3.

First up Knifehead, he was released as part of series 1 but he was out of proportion with the other figures so NECA decided to release him again in a larger battle damaged version. As we mentioned in the Trespasser review he and Knifehead are based on the same design, the lower part, and arms of Knifehead is the same except for different paint scheme. Where the major diffence is with the main part of the body and head, the body is similar but they added a section to the neck and shoulder area, the neck has a longer look. The back plate is similar to the series 1 figure and not as pronounced as Trespasser's is. Also obviously is his head is different. Knifehead stands as the tallest kaiju almost seeming to big, not that we are complaining, he has a very good paint job including his blue blood splatter if there is an issue it is with articulation of the head and neck. Most of the figure is the same as Trespasser and better then the series 1 version except the neck seems stiff and kind of hard to move as the jaw seems to be articulated like the previous version but you can actually move it to a different position. Overall all another great figure.

 Now on to the Jaegers Coyote Tango and Chreno Alpha, both are similar to the previous Jaegers, they have great detail and have a sort of worn look like they have been through battles before, I felt the first Gipsy Danger and Striker Eureka were to clean you can say. Coyote Tango does seem to stand a little odd giving him a top heavy look, his legs are also stiff and hard to pose. Cherno Alpha is the brute of the bunch and it shows the biggest gripe with him is his head seems slightly off from his body it is not a big deal. One thing I did notice that is interesting is his fist they open and they extend out a nice little touch. Both make fine additions to the assortment. Overall this is a great series I truly hope they continue it.

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