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Friday, July 12, 2013

My Review Of Pacific Rim

Pacific Rim is a must see and a film I plan on seeing again. (May contain spoilers.) The film does take a little bit to get going but this is a necessary evil otherwise the film would have been much longer, the film starts off with a back story of the kaiju arrival and tidbits of the start of the Jaeger program, sort of fast forwarding from when it all started, we are then introduced to some of the main human characters, jaeger Gipsy Danger and the infamous kaiju Knifehead. This is when the film starts to develop we learn more about the characters, who they are and there backstory. The acting is done well not oscar worthy but more then acceptable. The kaiju and jaeger battles are amazing, very well done if I had a bone to pick with them most of the battles are at night or in the water. This was probably done to hide any imperfections with the CGI which happens even with all the tech used to make it. The story also moves and develops well, there is some humor and a bit of romance but not to much to take away from the story. The point when the film hits its stride is when the focus is on the last ditch effort to stop the kaiju with the remaining jaegers and crews, it makes you feel for the effort and hope for victory. Pacific Rim is a great film done very well, an action pack thrill ride action film it easily out does the last american Godzilla film and goes toe to toe with Man of Steel, del Toro has a big fan in me, I only hope next years Godzilla movie is as good.

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