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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Kaiju Battle Review: Diamond Comics Exclusive Godzilla 1989 Bank

As we patiently wait for May 16th to come we have had a stream of new Godzilla collectibles coming out and the latest is Diamond Comics exclusive Godzilla 1989 Bank.

This is one of the first of a number of banks they will be releasing. First I was impressed with the size, it is 12" tall and 24" in length right on par with the X-Plus figures Diamond has released lately. It is pretty well detailed though there is a few spots that the paint could have been slightly better, there is a spot on the tail where the paint fades then comes back. With that said one needs to remember the price the bank, it retails for about $40 vs. $160 plus for the X-Plus figures which isn't to shabby and you can put all the pennies you saved in it. 

As with the bank aspect of it the coin slot is behind the shoulder not very noticeable, and to remove them his tail twists off it is a little tricky to get on but this means it will stay put once on. To be honest I won't use him as a bank but an awesome figure to display. I certainly recommend this for the price, you can't go wrong it.
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