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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

A Few Q&A From The Facebook Chat With GODZILLA‬ 2014 Director Gareth Edwards

Eddy Nevárez-How much bigger is godzilla than a kaiju category 5?

Godzilla-I might have to check my facts, but I'm guessing Godzilla is a Category 6. - GE

Robert John Mack II-Can Godzuki be in the movie?

Godzilla-We auditioned him, but there's all kinds of issues with child labor laws. - GE

Matt Marten-Can Matthew Broderick have a cameo where he gets eaten?

Godzilla-If I answer this question, I'll be giving away the end of our movie. - GE

Chris Elchesyn-Have you seen the 90's Gamera trilogy?

Godzilla-I don't like to cheat on Godzilla - he's so possessive and gets very angry. - GE

Sean Barry-How were you first introduced to Godzilla?

Godzilla-Probably as a child - I watched the Hanna-Barbera cartoons, then later we had "creature features" on TV in the UK, so I'd spend my Friday nights staying in and being a sad geek. - GE

Colin Scott Moroz-What's your favorite Godzilla movie?

Godzilla-The 1954 one (shameless plug ahead), which we are showing tonight at SXSW. - GE
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