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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Godzilla 2014 Larger Spines In International TV Trailer What Does This Mean

Possible spoilers...

In the International TV trailer released today there is a shot of Godzilla that seems to reveal larger back spines, is this just the way the scene is shot, does his spines grow or change, or could it mean something entirely different. Speculation has already started on the web, looking at previous views, trailers, toys, etc. they have appeared to be smaller. I would think they wouldn't grow, but could they, there are flashback scenes in the movie so in 60 years or so it could be possible. Then there is the skeleton seen in the trailers hinting at the possibility that there could be more then one Godzilla. Could this involve the Mutos, could they cause a change in Godzilla possibly attempting to feed on his radioactivity. This is all speculation but definitely makes me want May 16th, or 15th as it may be, to get here as fast as possible.

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