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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Countdown To Godzilla 2014: MegaroGoji Suit

Films: Godzilla vs Megalon (1973), Godzilla vs the Cosmic Monster (1974) and The Terror of Mechagodzilla (1975)

A strong contender with the Musuko-Godzilla for the Worst Godzilla Suit award, the Megaro-Godzilla had a plain, streamlined body, a short neck and fat, simply designed dorsal plates. The face was ghastly, with a sinlple muzzle, oversized brows and huge eyes that made the King of the Monsters resemble a puppy. The eyes of the Megaro-Godzilla were movable and had movable eyelids. The Megaro-Godzilla also appeared in five of the 26 episodes of NTV’s Ryusei Ningen Zone (a.k.a. Zone Fighter) television series in 1973 (see “The Lost Godzilla Episodes”). For Godzilla vs the Cosmic Monster, the Megaro-Godzilla was the same but with some changes to the face; more detail in the muzzle and reduction of the brows, making Godzilla look less playful than in the previous movie. The eyes did not move, nor have movable eyelids. This suit is also called the Mekagoji.

A second Godzilla costume, a publicity suit never intended for use in a feature movie, was also used in Cosmic Monster. The jaw and eyes were immobile, while the suit boasted a toothy grin complete with fangs. It was used when the disguised Mechagodzilla battles Angilas and during the clash with the real Godzilla at the oil refmery. It was also used for a special scene in the Japanese theatrical trailer for Cosmic Monster, when Godzilla is shown morphing into Mechagodzilla. This same “phony-Godzilla” costume was also employed for the final scene in The Terror of Mechagodzilla when Godzilla wades off into the ocean. Another publicity Godzilla suit (which appeared to be smiling) was employed in Cosmic Monster, in the scene when Godzilla appears in the ocean off Okinawa. For The Terror of Mechagodzilla, the Megaro-Godzilla received a further face lift; the muzzle was reduced and given more detail, the height of the brows lowered and the eyes reduced to an acceptable size. The new face thus had a semi- comical, semi-mean look. The eyes did not move nor have movable lids, and the body of the costume was unchanged. This suit is also called the Meka-Gyakshu-Godzilla.

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