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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Yet Another Leaked Script For Godzilla 2014

Cosmic Book News has posted a script for this years Godzilla movie, there have been a number of supposed leaked scripts that have found there way on to the web. This script came from a site called 4 Chan which deleted it then was posted on Foolz.us and now CBN. There are no pics of the script unlike the one leaked from about Toho Kingdom about a week ago. This one like that one has some possibilities but also could be nothing more then a draft, fan fic, or who knows what, there are similarities between the two though. These scripts could easily be nothing more then speculation from fans, elaborate ruses, I'm not saying they are but many previous stories, rumors, etc. had holes in them from the start, having photos that look legit or going into specific details make them more believable. While I said I would not post the one from Toho Kingdom, I will below for comparison to the CBR one and let you the fans decide what you think, here is the link to the CBN one - Godzilla (2014) Script Said To Have Leaked. Let the speculations begin.

Update per request the script has been removed, sorry for the inconvenience.
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