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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Original Godzilla (1954) At SXSW Film 2014 With Gareth Edwards Q&A

2014 SXSW Film Features Program includes 115 titles represent the dynamic vision, whip-smart insight and entertaining new filmmaking talent audiences have come to expect from SXSW. Among those you'll find a whopping 76 World Premieres, 10 North American Premieres and 7 U.S. Premieres, selected from a record 2,215 feature-length film submissions. First-time filmmakers account for 68 films in the program, continuing our tradition of unearthing the nascent talent of tomorrow. Among the films is a special screening of 1954’s Godzilla: The Japanese Original, with a Q&A following with 2014 Godzilla director Gareth Edwards.

SXSW Film - March 7-15, 2014, Godzilla: The Japanese Original - TBA.

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