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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Kaiju Battle Review : Jakks Pacific's Giant Godzilla

After searching high and low, far and wide, ok maybe at a few local Toys R Us, I found Jakks Pacific's Giant Godzilla. Seeing it in person I was like wow it's huge, the box looks interesting appearing if Godzilla is standing in water. He is package with his tail separated, it comes in two piece the end pops into the larger part which you twist onto the body. Once together there is no doubt he is giant, he stands 21" plus inches tall and over 4 feet from tall to head (the advertised size on the box is if you measure him straight from front to the tip of his tail). He looks pretty awesome as well, he does resemble the some of the Bandai toys including packaging, even though he is not technically part of that line. Parts of him, main body, arms, and legs are hard plastic while the rest is rubber/vinyl material overall they go together well and look pretty good. He has a number of points of articulation most are what you expect but one stands out to me, there is a point in the tail that allows it to move side to side but it doesn't move much and there is a relatively large gap caused by it. As I read elsewhere there are slots in the lower part of his abdomen and a sealed battery door under where the tail attaches it's believed he was supposed to have sound not sure why they didn't go through with it but I'm sure some customizers will fix it. Overall he looks awesome especially for the price, $58 isn't bad for a figure this size. I highly recommend picking one up as long as you can find him and have someplace to display him.

Yes he is almost as long as the server he stands on.

Handsome fella.
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