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Sunday, April 13, 2014


Produced and Directed by Fabien Mauro

KAIJUNITED : JAPANESE MONSTERS & US is a documentary that invites you for a trip around the world searching for the fans of GODZILLA, ULTRAMAN and their fellow gigantic friends from Japan. The origins of a genuine passion lived ans shared by thousands from Paris to Tokyo but also in Chicago where the famous G-FEST convention is set every year.
Almost 60 after the birth of Godzilla, do those titanic creature still incarnate the anti-nuclear statement of the 50's ?
Or did they just become commercial icons with the massive merchandising ? The fans will bring the answers but also prestigious guests such as J.D. LEES (G-FAN editor), William Tsutsui (author of "GODZILLA ON MY MIND") or TOHO star AKIRA TAKARADA ("GODZILLA", "MONSTER ZERO").
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