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Sunday, January 5, 2014

Muto Musings Part Two: More Of There Origin Revealed

We posted our first Muto Musings a few weeks back explaining our thoughts on there origins. Now with a post from Newsarara.com here, we have some additional thoughts on there origin.

Warning possible spoilers ahead!

We mentioned that the sinkholes may have something to do with there origin but if the Newsarama post is true then M.U.T.O may have gotten DNA of creatures from the past from the sinkholes in order to make the Mutos in the film, so Muto could be, sort of, short for mutations. The Mutos could be mutated creatures from the past found in the sinkholes. Godzilla's role possible could be unintentionally showing up or could be on purpose, there has been talk that part of the film takes place in the past (1954?) so Godzilla would exist in the timeline before the current story begins and the Mutos size could occur much in the same way as Godzilla's, nuclear radiation something M.U.T.O may have investigated and used in there creation. Could be, things continue to get interesting with the more we find out and I'm personal curious to find out how much of this plays out, we shall find out.
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