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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Godzilla Vs. King Ghidorah By Bob Eggleton

"Okay here it is: Godzilla vs King Ghidorah. 24 x36 inches, oils. Soon to be the wrap around cover to Weird Fiction Review(a bookazine) which I will also have an essay in about MONSTER ZERO(1965). King Ghidorah was a royal pain in the ass to do as in movies he's always moving around, when he's standing still he looks odd and, no two Ghidorahs have ever looked the same. So I did some small embellishments on my part. All in all pretty pleased with it." - Bob Eggleton.

Update - The pic below was slightly updated by Bob, "AWRIGHT....this is the FINAL "tweaked" GODZILLA VS KING GHIDORAH painting. I wanted to embellish Ghidorah a tad more. Just "worry spots" any artists finds a few days later, I wanted Ghidorah to "pop" more. The versions of both monsters are idealized. Meaning, whilst based on the 1964 Ghidorah and the 1962 Godzilla, they're also "my" takes. I posed them in an epic landscape which really makes it work for me. Went from happy to VERY happy about this...."

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