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Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Maguma is a fictional kaiju (giant monster) featured in the Japanese science fiction tokusatsu film Gorath, released by Toho in 1962. Based upon the giant walrus (sometimes refered to as "Odobenus rosmarus magnus") and named after subterranean molten rock (magma), the Maguma suit was designed by special effects director Eiji Tsuburaya, and worn by stuntman Haruo Nakajima, who frequently performed kaiju in Toho films of the era (including their most famous monster character, Godzilla). Maguma is the only monster in the film, the focus of which is a runaway collapsed star on a collision course with Earth.

Trapped for centuries in an icy tomb, the massive walrus was awoken from its ancient slumber when gigantic rockets were implanted on the North Pole to move the Earth away from the oncoming rogue star Gorath. Awakening with a thirst for carnage, Maguma lashed out at the base and damaged it before retreating back into its home valley. Knowing something was going on that involved a ravenous monster, a VTOL craft was dispatched to handle the creature. The ship buried the walrus under hundreds of tons of rock, but even this couldn't kill the monster.

Maguma rose up and charged the small humans before it. The group of three retreated back to their ship and then to the safety of the sky. The beast snarled again before the craft unleashed more streams of searing energy on it. Unable to cope with such an attack, Maguma fell to its side and breathed its last breath.

Video Game Appearances
Godzilla Generations

Maguma stars as the antagonist. Maguma's roar was basically a elephant's roar, but was deepened and slowed down.

Just like Ebirah, Maguma was originally of Godzilla's allies for Destroy All Monsters, but was replaced, by Gorosaurus, Minya and Anguirus.
Maguma often appears in the Toho Kingdom Toons.
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