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Sunday, May 26, 2013

King Kong Hits The Stage

From Seven Network's Sunday Night

Something very big is about to be unleashed in Melbourne: a one-tonne, six-metre tall gorilla called - you guessed it - King Kong. The world’s biggest ape is now the world’s most sophisticated high-tech puppet.

It’s been 80 years since King Kong appeared in his first film. Since then he’s starred in seven more films and become an iconic figure in pop culture, thrilling and scaring in video games, books and theme park rides.

Now comes a new challenge for this very bankable gorilla – he’s about to tread the board in an all-singing, all-dancing stage musical. PJ Madam goes backstage at King Kong to watch the silverback come to life – viewers will get to see the magnificent beast for the first time in this Sunday Night exclusive.

PJ also speaks to Sonny Tilders, the creative force behind Global Creatures. Tilders’ company made the spectacular dinosaurs in Walking with Dinosaurs and, and have now spent five years perfecting Kong in a Melbourne workshop.

King Kong live on stage starts previews at Melbourne’s Regent Theatre on May 28 and opens on June 15.

As part of his research process, Sonny Tilders spent time at Werribee Open Range Zoo, observing the anatomy and behaviour of their gorillas.

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