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Sunday, May 26, 2013


The Gipsy Danger is the American Jaeger. Launched in 2017, it is the second oldest of the five known Jaegers, with Coyote Tango being the only one known to be older.

County of Origin: United States of America
Date of Launch : July 10th, 2017
Speed: 7
Strength: 8
Armor: 6
Kaiju Kill Count: 5
Height: 79m (260ft)
Weight: 1,980 Tons
Classification: Mark-3

Pacific Rim
Despite being one of the older Jaegers, it remains in service with a record of five confirmed Kaiju kills. It is a Mark-3 class, being 79 meters (260 feet) tall, and weighing 1,980 tons.

In trailers
Gipsy Danger appears to be one of the main jaegers in the film; it is shown throughout the trailer more than any other Jaeger as well as its pilots. Gipsy Danger is seen battling a Leatherback in a mass of containers and tackling an Otachi with a ship. However, it is also shown in the trailer falling to its knees with its arm ripped off and the pilot climbing out of the head, although the second pilot isn't seen following...

It is speculated that the second pilot of Gipsy Danger (the other being Raleigh Becket) dies after an unseen battle that severely damages Gipsy Danger's left side, costing it it's arm as well as a deep wound on its left breastplate. Of the two pilots piloting Gipsy, only Raleigh emerges from the wreckage. After this incident, Becket and Gipsy Danger retire for a unknown period of time, but are later called back to service when humanity begins losing the war against the Kaijus. The replacement pilot is an untested trainee called Mako Mori.

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