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Sunday, December 29, 2013

CREATURE FEATURE : Deep Sea Monsters Reigo And Raiga

Reigo appears in Reigo: The Deep-Sea Monster vs. the Battleship Yamato (深海獣レイゴー Shinkaijū Reigō) is a 2005 independent tokusatsu film by Shinpei Hayashiya. Veteran artist Keita Amemiya designed the titular monster. The film's original working title was Reigo vs. Yamato (レイゴー対大和 - Reigô tai Yamatô).
The film, set in World War II, depicts the story of the real-life Japanese battleship, the Yamato, which is confronted in the Pacific Ocean by giant monsters, including the most fearsome of them all, Reigo.

Raiga first appeared in the film Raiga: Deep Sea Monster. He resembles Godzilla, Titanosaurus and Zedus.
Nature, normally is fair and equal. It gives and it takes. Peaceful through and through. Only when gravely disturb does nature show it's destructive side. And when side is displayed, nightmares, manifest into reality...

Plot (Reigo)
In September 1942, Captain Yamagami (Susumu Kurobe) is ordered to rendezvous the Yamato with the Combined Fleet that is gathering at the Truk Islands (aka Chuuk Islands) in Micronesia, a key strategic point in the South Pacific. With beautiful clear blue skies above and surrounded by coral reefs below, this South Seas paradise became a strong base for the Combined Fleet and the front lines of the naval war; a place where many fierce battles were fought. Decades later, the sea bed surrounding the Truk Islands is still littered with the remains of more than 60 warships and airplanes.
Among Yamagami’s crew are the cantankerous Divisional Officer Noboru Osako (Yukijiro Hotaru) and the young Ensign Takeshi Kaido (Taiyo Sugiura). Unsure of what the future may bring, Kaido went off to war without declaring his intentions for his childhood sweetheart, Chie Kojima (Mai Nanami). He always carries her photo in his coat pocket, while Chie longs for his return to their seaside hometown.
When the Yamato arrives at Truk, the married Osako decides to ease his worries over leaving behind a pregnant wife by sneaking an island woman named Momoka (Yumika Hayashi) aboard ship for some private recreation. But to Osako’s annoyance, Momoka brings along her elderly grandfather (Mickey Curtis) who insists on telling him a local tale about monsters that has been passed down for generations. The disbelieving naval officer is told that the surrounding waters are home to man-sized, carnivorous Bonefishes…and, as dangerous as the fish are, they are nothing more than an “opening act” for an even greater menace; the legendary Hell King of the Seas called Reigo.

The next night, a lookout spots a massive shape half-submerged in the distance. Believing it to be an enemy submarine, the Yamato fires on it and scores a direct hit. Osako is shocked when the object emits a strange cry as it sinks beneath the waves. He reports the incident and the story of Reigo to his commander and shipmates. Unbeknownst to the crew, they have killed the offspring of Reigo.
Not long after that first encounter, a school of luminous Bonefish launch themselves from the water like flying fish and attack a group of soldiers standing watch on the Yamato’s deck. Kaido hears their screams and rushes to the rescue, but finds the men already torn to pieces.
Just as the old man predicted, the Bonefish herald the arrival of Reigo, a beast 80 meters-long and resembling a cross between Godzilla and a shark. Seething with rage at the murder of its cub, the monster attacks the Combined Fleet with incredible ferocity and awesome destructive power. The naval forces are caught off guard, and Reigo is able to destroy escort ships and damage the Yamato before returning to the ocean depths.
The crew quickly regroups and plans a counterattack, but when Reigo returns it manages to stay one step ahead of the Japanese forces. Almost as if it is aware that the Yamato’s main guns are long range weapons which are ineffective up close, the monster attacks at close range or blasts the ships from underwater with blue bursts of electricity.
Thoughts of family and lovers back home… fear at being confronted by an unknown enemy…conflict and confrontation explode among the officers and crew over the best battle strategy to use against the threat of Reigo.
Over Osako’s loud objections, Kaido suggests a last-ditch plan of attack that will either stop Reigo or sink the Yamato. Now the stage is set for a final battle to unfold between the world’s largest battleship and the mysterious dragon-like monster that glides through the seas at will.
Which one will prevail… Reigo or the battleship Yamato?

Powers and Abilities
Lightning: Reigo is capable of summoning vast amounts of lightning from the sky, often using it to supercharge itself or strike its enemies.
Adaptive swimmer.

Plot (Raiga)
With Global warming causing the southern polar ice cap to gradually melt, the effects bring results. Monstrous results. With the disruptance of the ecosystem, sncient descendants of the nightmarish sea beast Reigo, a monster mankind had went into battle against dating back 60 years, are unleashed upon the modern world.
The only instinctive desire in mind was to survive, and take the world that they were reawakened into, establishing their reign as the dominate ruler. Mankind could only watch in horror as these ancient nightmares send their world into the abyss of extinction. Buildings crumbled, citys burned, and lives were torn from loved one. Among the chaos, Defense Corps tried to fight back against the timeless creatures. However even through military means, Defense Corps could not match against such power. Thus their resistance only cost more innocent lives. Though with luck, they were close to stopping one Raiga, however in that Raiga's place, more showed up. Each Raiga finding one another as a threat and enemy, for they all shared the same goal in mind. The battles raged on greatly, fighting relentlessly for territory and dominant rule.
With every battle, human or monster, any other species, there's a selection. The strong, and the weak. The Raigas who fought greatly but were crushed out of existance, were the weak. As the numbers lowered down to just two, the final battle for complete rule began. The Strong versus The Powerful. (Blue) Raiga, vs. The Great Raiga. The battle between the two titans was unnatural, crushing blow after blow, both sides dished out equal punishments to which they had receive from each other. Though after taking hellish attacks from The Great Raiga, it would seem that Raiga would be next to fall. However, summoning the inner strength to continue the fight, Raiga managed to turn the tide with more power than expected. The battle tore away the battlefield, shaking the very foundation of Japan. For the most part, both monsters appeared to be equal in strength, and power. But in the end of all great battles, only one winner can remain standing.
Both ancient demons unleashed their greatest attacks, and within a godly display of power, the fate of the battle was decided. Raiga, had remained. The new god and tyrant of the world. Returning back to the aquatic realm to heal its wounds, Raiga would return one day, return to establish it's reign. Until that time, mankind exhaled a light sigh of relief, the bad dream was over....But the nightmare had only just begun.

Powers and Abilities
Can fire streams of lightning blasts from its mouth.
Able to maniplate and control lightning and electric properties at will.
By raising its electric output from its body, it can create a massive thunderstorm and rain down lightning bolts upon it's desired target.
Able to create and fire a ball of compressed electirc energy from the orb conductor within its palms.
Able to unleash a channeled compressed stream of electricity through the use of both orb conductors within its two hand.
Adaptive swimmer.

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