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Friday, April 26, 2013

Godzilla 2014 Set To Film In Hawaii

Godzilla 2014 is set to film on Oahu and Kauai in Hawaii for one month each, totaling two months of shooting on the island, PBN reports. Quite a different environment from the most recent Nanaimo filming location in British Columbia. It's possible this filming location could be used to mirror the scenes from the classic 1954 original, Gojira, where a group of reporters find Godzilla on Odo Island. Since Godzilla 2014 is primarily based on the TOHO original, this is the most likely assumption.

Godzilla isn't the only big-budget film to be shooting on the tropical island, Jurassic Park 4 is also set to start filming there this July as well as in Louisiana. Two massive films set to be released a month apart from each other next summer. 2014 is certainly rearing up to be quite the year for movies.

Godzilla's path of destruction.

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