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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Review - Monster Earth, Cool New Take On A Classic Concept

The idea of giant monsters, being discovered, attacking people, destroying cities has been around for a long time, classics like King Kong, The Lost World, Godzilla have gotten our imagination going. Monster Earth a tale by Jim Beard, Edward M. Erdelac, Nancy Hansen, Jeff McGuiness, James Palmer, Fraser Sherman, and I.A. Watson is forged from that imagination. It is a new take on that idea a number of intertwined stories, first hand accounts of these monsters but with a very human angle, feeling where the monsters become the weapons. Each writer continues the story from the previous writer but with there own angle on it, it starts with Jim Beard’s ‘Parade of Moments’ set pre-World War II with the first known experience with the monsters introducing them to us and setting the stage for what is to come, it continues with I.A Watson's ‘Happy Birthday Bobby Fetch’ set during the Pearl Harbor attack one major difference the attack is by a monster controlled by Japan. ‘The Monsters Home’ By Jeff McGuiness is the third part to the story bringing America into the monster fold so to speak, ‘And a child shall lead them’ by Nancy Hansen gives the reader a new angle in that this monster has some human qualities in it self, a more mythical creature. ‘Mighty Nanuq’ by Edward M. Erdelac takes a new angle old and young, a grandfather and grandson in a story that looks back on the Nazis and there monster. ‘Peace with Honor’ by Fraser Sherman continues to the Vietnam war era, a war of monsters instead of men, ‘Some Say in Ice’ by James Palmer is the final story, a story that has a little more modern take and starts to bring technology into the picture but also leaves an open ending, could there be more to come? Lets hope so Monster Earth is a great read enjoyable from beginning to end no part stands out over another, and in this situation is a very good thing. I feel this is a must read for fans of monster movies and the like, and even for those that aren't they should definitely enjoy. A highly recommend book.
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