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Sunday, December 22, 2013

Muto Musings: Thoughts On Godzilla's Adversaries In The New Film

There has been speculation as to Godzilla's adversaries in next years film, early on director Gareth Edwards suggested there would be other monsters. There was hope for classic foes and new ones alike, then came the trailers and toy listings and we found out there would be a monster called Muto. Then of course we got the viral marketing that popped up, before the official teaser trailer hit, which opened up more questions.

Warning possible spoilers ahead!

I've been thinking about it and here is what I came up with, which may or may not be acurate, but there was a lot of "M.U.T.O sightings" at sinkholes around the world. What if these sinkholes are not just sinkholes but the spots where Mutos burrowed into the ground many centuries earlier. The toy listings state an 8-legged Muto, which like other arachnids, could have burrowed to avoid weather say the ice age. It's possible M.U.T.O discovered them and that could be what they are looking for in the viral pics that surfaced. But that isn't all the toy listings stated a winged Muto as well, could there be a transformation say like a certain other Godzilla foe. Mothra starts out in larve form and transforms into it's adult form, is it possible Muto does the same. While I have no proof any of this is what will happen in the film it does certainly fits the facts we have so far,well in less than five months we shall find out and I'm looking forward to it. 
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