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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Figure Review Pacific Rim's Leatherback

When I heard there would be figures for Pacific Rim I started planning a spot next to my other kaiju figures Godzilla, Gamera, and the like. Then the first series of Pacific Rim figures came out from NECA and I was a little mixed, don't get me wrong they were cool but the one kaiju Knifehead seemed to be a little on the small side. But I thought about it and remembered he is a category 3 kaiju, so now series two is here and this series kaiju is Leatherback a category 4 kaiju. Well lets just say he made up for it, Leatherback is big, he has some serious weight to him and he stands over an inch taller then Knifehead and that is with the fact he stands hunched over like a gorilla might stand and he also has some width to him. Detail on him is very good and he has more articulation then Knifehead has, ankle, knee and hip for the legs, shoulder, elbow and wrist as well as fingers on his arms. His neck and mouth move as well, but some of the articulation doesn't seem to do to much, and some joints are not as clean as those on Knifehead, also the top of Leatherback's head is the flaps but they aren't really meant to move. Overall I'm very happy with this figure definitely recommend him.

Leatherback and Knifehead

Leatherback and Movie Maniacs King Kong

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