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Friday, August 2, 2013

Xenorama Has Returned

Twelve years after I published the previous issue of Xenorama, the Journal of Heroes and Monsters has returned!  Copies can be ordered here, and in a few days it will be available on Amazon as well.  Once I get the formatting down it will also be available for download on Kindle as well.

This issue features articles by Christopher Elam, Jeff Goodhartz, Tara DeVeau, Chad McAlpin and Mike Lawyer.  It also features the awesome cover by Dan Ross. Which is probably the best cover that has ever graced Xenorama in it's 20 year history!

the issue features articles on these subjects:
Godzilla's Revenge
the Valley of Gwangi
the history of Xenorama's first run
a Moby Dick episode guide
Gigantis, the Fire Monster
El Baron Brakola (El Santo movie)
Maki's 13 Steps (Etsuko Shihomi movie)
and a cool Owari column!
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