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Thursday, June 20, 2013

80 Things We Learned On The Set of Guillermo del Toro’s ‘Pacific Rim’

From SlashFilm

Pilots inside the Jaegers are hooked in through the Conn-Pod. They control the Jaeger through movements and a shared neural bridge between the two pilots. The pilots have a 3d projected HUD inside the robots before the windshield looking out to the outside world.

The Conn-Pods are located inside the head of all of the mechs, except for Gipsy Danger, which has the conn-pod located in the chest. The inside of each pod has a very different look and feel, so when they cut between the different robots you’ll know which one you are inside. For instance, Striker has a green army look. The Russian Conn-Pod looks like an old battleship.

The Conn Pod in the Crimson Typhoon, the Chinese Jaeger, is more modern looking, red and black colored, with room for three pilots. The Chinese pilots are played by three identical Chinese triplets. They are called the Wei Tang Clan.

The Conn Pods are practically built sets, where most of the robot exteriors are computer generated. The robots are so massive they couldn’t build them practically. During some scenes you’ll see a 15 foot tall piece of the robot’s heel. Whenever a Jaeger is on screen with an actor, a piece of the robotics constructed to extend into the computer generated Jaeger (set/prop extension). The Conn Pod sets are 30 feet by 25 feet.

Del Toro wanted to bring the language of World War II bombers and oil tankers into the visuals of the Conn Pods. He wanted the sets to have scratches and wear, and feel as real as possible.

Around the world there are underground bunkers called Anti-Kaiju refuges where people can hide when the Kaiju alarm goes off. These areas are very crowded and claustrophobic.

Del Toro wanted the Kaiju to always feel like a force of nature, unrelenting and massive.

Guillermo didn’t want to do the story of partners who hated each other that are forced to be together. He instead wanted to tell the story of all the world coming together, even though all of them have great differences.

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