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Monday, March 4, 2013

CLASSIC COMICS : Giant Classic King Kong Comic Book

Giant Classic King Kong Comic Book
Art: Alberto Giolitti
Publisher: Whitman
Released: 1968
Cover Artist: George Wilson

This Whitman Giant Classic featured terrific cover art by George Wilson of King Kong atop the Empire States Building. And the excellent interior art was by Alberto Giolitti.

The familiar story itself was split into seven short chapters, and all the familiar characters are present, from Carl Denham (here with gray streaks in his hair, and a moustache), and Captain Englehorn, to Ann Darrow, Jack Driscoll, and Kong himself.

In Chapter Two, the voyagers reach Kong’s island, and the adventure really begins.  Interestingly, the comic version features some sequences deleted from the film.  For instance, a Styracosaurus chases several sailors onto the log over the chasm, a moment not in the final cut.  

And also, in the comic-book version of the tale, Englehart’s ship is named The Wanderer, not Venture.

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